PT. Internusa Geo Proteksi, founded in Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia February 2024 by Rudy Pranyoto as CEO, Siswanto, SE. MM as Dept. Finance, Toni Rohman as BOD, Teguh Saputera as Project Manager, Husein as Site Manager and Jasse as Finance Manager.


Project Dwatering System Geotextile Tube

Project Erotion Control

Project Ground Anchor

Project Rockfall Netting

Project Silt Protector

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the survey process like until the IGP team projects progress?

  • Owners/clients can send bid proposals via email.

  • The IGP Team conducted a site survey to check field conditions.

  • The IGP Team contacts the owner/client for the price clarification and negotiation process

  • Providing SPK (Work Order) and starting construction work

  • Providing (BA) Minutes indicating project completion.

  1. What to consider before starting a construction project?

  • For clients, before starting a construction project, it is important to choose a contractor who is competent, trustworthy and has the same style as their needs.

  • For contractors, before starting a construction project, it is important to consider the availability of human resources and supporting materials.